Strategy Timeline

Month One
Facebook ads 101

Daily Breakdown:

  1. Setup Facebook Page and Ads Manager Account, Text and Email Providers
  2. Publish first Facebook Ad State-Wide, install Pixel on White-label
  3. Check first Facebook ad, duplicate x3 and publish with A/B tested content
  4. Check all 4 ads, kill losers, duplicate winners x3, integrate forms with Text/Email
  5. Kill losing ads, duplicate best performing ad x3
Facebook ads 102

Daily Breakdown:

  1. Check ads, kill non performing ads and finish branding White-Label
  2. Create new ad strategy State-Wide with new ads x3
  3. Check results of both ad strategies, kill losing ads
  4. Duplicate best performing ad on new strategy x3, duplicate best performing ad on original strategy x3
  5. Refine Text/Email follow-up to yield desired results
Facebook Ads 103

Daily Breakdown: 

  1. Review Pixel Results, create look-alike audience, create new ad for new audience
  2. Check new ad, duplicate x3
  3. Check duplicated ads, kill losers, Duplicate winner x3
  4. Filter new ads for winners vs losers, duplicate winners x3
  5. Develop strategy for retargeting campaign
Facebook ads 104

Daily Breakdown:

  1. Check ads, kill non performing ads, duplicate winners x3
  2. Develop retargeting video scripts
  3. Kill losing ads, duplicate winners x3
  4. Upload first retargeting videos to YouTube and create first Facebook Retargeting ad
  5. Develop retargeting scripts for pipeline of top 5 features


Is there a long-term contract?

Both monthly options for TAA are available pay-as-you-go, no long-term contract. Pre-paid accounts have up to 6 months of part-time support.

Do I own the leads outright?

The TAA program utilizes remote Zoom calls to set up your ads on your very own accounts, guaranteeing the leads you receive are NOT shared.