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    February 9, 2021 at 10:50 pm

    Long Form Leads are internet generated leads that express extremely high intent to receive a quote by completing 30-40 questions within a logic-based form. Long Form Leads typically convert at a higher percentage than Short Form Leads, primarily because of the time the consumer has to spend to complete the form.

    Most Long Form Leads require the consumer to spend at least 3 minutes competing their request in order to establish a baseline level of Intent. Long Form Leads most often encompass multiple product offerings in one comprehensive form. For instance, logic-based forms for insurance will start with the Auto insurance coverage, upsell to the Home and then to Life (covering the equity in the home).

    Other Long Form Leads may consist of co-registration questions, enabling the consumer’s information to be sold to agents within different verticals for the primary purpose of advertisement. A good example of this would be a free address forwarding website getting permission from the consumer to share their information. In return, the consumer is ushered into a series of related offerings such as a loan for their new home, insurance coverage, solar roofing, heating and HVAC, etc..

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