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  • Ryan 

    February 2, 2021 at 2:48 pm

    Great question! We will be releasing our Roadmap soon that will outline the timeline for the features that are on the way, and there are ALOT.

    The goal is the have Commissions fully integrated with the built-in wallet so users can exchange for other currencies, or pay each other in $CMS.

    In the beginning of this, we are counting commissions earned per account based on Platform activity, which can be tracked within the “Earnings” tab on the top-bar menu.

    We will airdrop your earnings once the Token is integrated with the Wallet App, simultaneously applying 50% of Platform Advertising Revenue to the Token itself. This will help establish a market cap, increasing liquidity!

    The App is first up, IOS and Android! The goal is to have it live in the app stores by mid March!