Lifestyle Elevated

Dive head-first into an ocean of opportunity where jaw-dropping utility meets minimalistic function, bringing your dreams to life!

risepage app

Poductivity Simplified

Search Google from within Risepage, increasing your productivity!

Communication Amplified

Monetize your content to scale your Entourage with Zoom integrated Groups!

Lifestyle Verified

Make your dreams a reality with growth oriented Apps and Utilities!


Connect with other members and generate Commissions to increase your reach!


Utilize custom apps and utilities to keep your message in front of your entourage.


Utilize the free market principles of cryptocurrency while you network.


Take your lifestyle to the next level where endless opportunities appear daily!

Dive Right In


Every action you take within the network generates Commissions, or ($CMS). $CMS can be exchanged for apps and utilities!


Achievements lay the foundation for Commissions by recording each Member's Proof of Work within their Activity Feed!


Achievements unlock Ranks which enable exclusive apps and utilities, including an Ad-Free networking experience!


Risepage is designed as an open Network for all to join and use. We never share your information without your permission.

Risepage is self-funded, relying only on those within the Network to operate. We are not owned by special interests or Big Tech.

Risepage consists of an Activity Feed, Groups, Members, Forums, Courses and a proprietary Zoom integration to take your Lifestyle to the next level!

Every action you take either earns or costs you Commissions. Commissions can be exchanged for Apps and Automations, even Fiat currencies.

Of course! Risepage will never charge it’s Members unless they specifically request to pay for an Ad-Free expereince!

Yes! Risepage has a mobile app scheduled to be released to the Apple App and Google Play Stores by the end of March, 2021!

"We have elected to put the Power of decentralization into the hands of We The People." - Rispage Founder