Lead Generation

3 Pillars of Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of taking a consumer through a certain Point of Interest, through to the Point of Sale. To increase your chances of generating legitimate, relevant interest in your efforts to generate leads, we have developed the 3 Pillars of Lead Gen to help you!

The 3 Pillars of Lead Gen are very simple to remember and can be used to frame a successful advertising campaign on any advertising platform! At the end of the day our goal is to usher a consumer into an automated system, whereby we can track their every move through the sales pipeline!

Let’s get started by reviewing Pillar Number 1, Establish Authority!

Establishing Authority is how you gain instant trust from the consumer. Authority is established by utilizing great branding, convincing copy and enterprise level technology to give your consumer a flawless experience.

Certain words that carry authority can be used to increase your chances of capturing the consumer’s attention. Some examples include: National, United, Federal, Secrets, Exposed, Hidden, etc. Authority can come from a combination of these words and others that cause emotion to get involved.

This brings us to Pillar Number 2, Incite and Emotional Response!

Inciting an emotional response to your advertising efforts is the difference between a truly interested consumer and someone who is “just shopping around”. Getting your consumers to react to your marketing efforts by instilling feelings of some sort, drastically increase the chances of your consumer recognizing who you are when you contact them.

Marketing strategies that are too complex often lead to a confusing sales process for both the consumer and the person selling. Sales processes should be streamlined to the point where your consumer can reach the Point of Sale with minimum outbound efforts on your end!

This brings us to the Pillar Number 3: Clear Call to Action!

When creating a sales process or pipeline in general, it is very important to remember that consumers do not like to be sold on anything, even if they’re searching for something to buy. The consumer has to believe that THEY are the ones making the decision to move forward in the sales process and discuss the product through to the Point of Sale.

While nurturing the consumer’s intent, focus on using phrases that cause the consumer to take action. You literally have to tell the consumer exactly what to do in order to achieve their desired results. At this point you’re not necessarily asking for commitment to sell to the consumer, you’re asking for a commitment from the consumer to accept more information about the product or service you offer!

A call to action can be as simple as “Click the button to get started”, or it can be more specific such as “Complete the form below to get this awesome eBook”! The more you tell the consumer exactly what to do to get their desired results, the greater chance you have of bringing them all the way through to the Point of Sale!

Hopefully this info was enough to help you get started in your journey to generate the best leads possible!

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